Liqwid Aquafarmers NFTs — Mint Date and Time

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2 min readMay 12, 2022


We’re excited to release additional details for the upcoming mint and the official Liqwid Aquafarmers website. We have already released the set of whitelisted addresses which can be found here. This article will cover minting details and how to get involved with our community!


The Liqwid Aquafarmers NFT mint on Cardano launches in just under 5 days, and there are important points to explore before this.


The minting website for the Liqwid Aquafarmers collection will be announced 24 hours before launch.

Starting at 12:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM EST) on next Tuesday (May 17th), the ‘mint’ button under the countdown on the website landing page will be turned on, connecting users to the NFT-MAKER Payment Gateway.

The whitelisted addresses will be able to mint 1 NFT for 44 ADA.

There will be a 12-hour window starting from mint launch for whitelisted users to secure their Liqwid Aquafarmers NFT.

To mint during this 12-hour window, whitelisted addresses must send ADA from the same wallet their verified staking key is linked to.

Once this 12-hour window has passed, whitelisted addresses will be allowed to mint two (2) additional Liqwid Aquafarmer NFTs. There will be an announcement when the initial 12-hour single mint window has passed.


The list of 8,241 whitelisted addresses can be found here.

This was a snapshot of all addresses holding 1 LQ or 1 LQ worth of LQ/ADA LP tokens from a Cardano DEX on Thursday April, 28 2022 at 16:00 UTC (12:00 PM EST).

Transaction Costs

In total users will pay 46.2 ADA for each transaction; 2 ADA will be sent back with the minted NFT to the users wallet.

Cost Breakdown:

2 ADA is the fee for the NFT-MAKER PRO Platform

2 ADA are sent with the minted NFT to the buyers’ wallet (sending a minimum of 2 ADA with each native asset transaction is a requirement of the Cardano blockchain).

~0.2 ADA is the transaction fee of the Cardano blockchain.

Closing Thoughts

We are thrilled to launch the Liqwid Aquafarmers NFT collection next Tuesday, May 17th at 12:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM EST). Aquafarmer NFTs will jumpstart important community governance topics, add utility through staking and long-term value growing our community-governed DAO treasury.

To learn more about the Liqwid protocol and get involved with our community:

Website | Twitter | Github | Docs | Discord | Governance



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